2019 Jeep Compass

Today we are checking out the 2019 Jeep Compass Limited Walkaround Tour! It's like a baby Cherokee and I think I kinda like it. There is one part that I like more than all the rest. Stick around to find out what I think is the best part of this cool little SUV. If you want to see more cars we have checkout on the Bayou Garage, watch the Scrolling list at the end of the video to see what we have videoed so far and let us know what we should do next!   

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The Future of Travel.- 2017 Chrysler Pacifica

Is that a Mini Van? Check out The FUTURE of Travel? 2017 Chrysler Pacifica. What does a minivan have to offer! Let us show you as we look through it from front to back! We at the Bayou Garage love everything with a motor. We Took this from Lafayette Louisiana to Houston and back Twice! It was our Shuttle Van, riding in style!

Wild MotorCycle Trike - 2008 Thoroughbred Stallion

Wow, this is one wild Motorcycle Trike. This 2008 Thoroughbred Stallion is an amazingly fun two-seater that you have to see to believe. We at the Bayou Garage love anything with a motor and this is no different! Yes is has AC and Heat, Music and so much more! It was maintained by Ford Motor Company. Check out their website at ..==== . http://www.motortrike.com/TrikeThorou...

Hyabusa First Looks

We wanted to know why everyone calls the Suzuki Hayabusa a Motorcycle Legend. This is the Limited GSX1300R with a top speed of 194 MPH! We did a first look and little research about the Suzuki Hayabusa to find out more! WOW. What an amazing history! This Motorcycle is truly a legend and we had a blast checking it out!  

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